95 percent of Peru’s coffee exported – Per capita consumption 300 grams

At present, 95 percent of Peru’s national coffee production is exported and only five percent is consumed domestically, reported today Procafé, the agency that gathers organizations linked to the Peruvian coffee industry.

Procafé indicated that the per capita consumption of coffee could reach up to five kilos per year, if the population consumed 100 percent of the national production.

“If Peru consumed its total production, it just might reach the domestic consumption of countries such as Brazil with five kilos per capita a year, and get away from the 300 grams currently consumed", it said.

In this sense, Procafé indicated that to reach a higher per capita consumption it would be necessary to double current production levels, since Peru is one of the ten biggest coffee exporters in the world.

In addition, Procafé highlighted that the main benefit would be the increase of grain production that, by having a greater demand, would maintain stable prices in the country before imported ones.

News source: ANDINA