Tourists spend $2.2 billion in Peru – 2 million to arrive in 2008

Living in Peru
Israel J. Ruiz

Peru is aiming to have 2 million tourists visit the country this year, announced the Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism Mercedes Araoz during a press conference.

She reported that 1.8 million had come to the Andean nation during 2007 and spent approximately $2.2 billion.

According to PromPeru, the country’s tourism promotion agency, Peru is not aiming to have a massive number of tourists but a smaller number willing to invest in a quality experience.

The agency reported that Chile received twice as many tourists but generated the same amount of money as Peru.

On the other hand, PromPeru indicated that a rapid increase in the number of Peru’s tourists would not be beneficial, explaining it was best if tourism increased gradually.

This way Peru can continue building the necessary infrastructure, protecting valuable patrimony and providing a safe experience for tourists, said PromPeru.

Even though there are tourists who have been attacked in several parts of the country and tourism police need more funds, Araoz explained the safety Peru provided was one of the best in Latin America.

She confirmed that more tourists were arriving from Chile as well as Ecuador and stated that Brazil was a strong potential market.