US firemen donate fire truck to Baños del Inca brigade in Cajamarca, Peru

The US Fire Department of Elko (Nevada), donated a fire engine to the Peruvian brigade of the Baños del Inca district No 159, in Cajamarca, in order to assist in emergencies in an immediate way.

It is a Mack 1250 Pumper, with a length of over 11 meters and a value of 100 thousand dollars, which is already in operation in the above-mentioned Cajamarca fire station.

According to Yanacocha mining company, the donation was concreted after coordinating with the US firefighters, who have contributed to the re-launch of this important institution.

The vehicle arrived well-equipped and ready to be put into operation. It has a 100 m. hose, 600 m. of cotton fire hose, three fire hydrant valves, a foam eductor, among other implements that all together have a cost of 13 thousand dollars.

Even though the fire engine is operative, in the next weeks, a group of Elko‘s fire department will arrive in Cajamarca to provide training in the efficient use of pumps and of the fire truck.

News source: ANDINA