No agreement between Peru doctors & government – Strike continues

Living in Peru
Israel J. Ruiz

After meeting with Peru’s Prime Minister Jorge del Castillo and with the Minister of Finance Luis Valdivieso, the head of the Peruvian Medical Federation announced on Wednesday evening that an agreement had not been reached with the government and doctors would continue to strike.

During a press conference at the union’s headquarters in the Limean district of Lince, Julio Vargas, head of the federation affirmed that the solutions offered by the government were "not up to doctors’ standards" and were "completely insufficient offers".

Vargas stated that the government’s proposal to pay doctors their bonuses in installments until 2011 had been humiliating. He explained that the government had owed doctors in provinces these bonuses since 2006.

Furthermore, the head of the federation explained that the government had not made any proposals to help retired doctors or to raise salaries.

He assured that doctors would remain on strike until acceptable solutions were provided by the state. It is believed that doctors are considering leaving more than three hospitals.

Several days ago, Vargas announced that doctors would hand La Mercedes Hospital, Cusco Regional and a hospital in Lima over to the state if solutions were not found for their demands.

The head of the federation also reiterated that doctors expected Hernan Garrido Lecca, the minister of health and his staff to be removed from their positions.