Anel Townsend will request the Congress to reconsider the allowance they just approved


Congresswoman Anel Townsend requested to the Congress a reconsideration of the vote that approved the payment of S/.118,000 soles for themselves. Townsend said that she requested a reconsideration of this allowance, not because she considers it illegal, but because she thinks that in the present circumstances this amount of money attempts against the austerity norms that are established for all the public administration.

The independent congresswoman indicated that the budget should not include  the payment of S/.50,000 soles for CTS (compensation for service time), neither the the payment of S/.16,000 soles for the legislators who won’t be elected for the next period.
She indicated that if her request is not taken into consideration, she will donate this amount to mother clubs and to organizations that defends women rights, as he has being doing from the 2003.