Peru: Lima to impose 700-sol fines on people urinating in the street

Living in Peru
Israel J. Ruiz

Peruvian police and mayors of districts throughout the province of Lima are toughening up on vandalism, drinking in public, selling alcohol and cigarettes to minors and even urinating in the street.

Martín Príncipe Laines, mayor of the Limean district of Lince announced on Monday that municipal authorities would fine anyone urinating in the street 700 soles.

To justify and support these measures, district authorities have explained that General Health law 27927 and Municipal Organic law 26842 protect citizens from toxins that may harm the environment or other people’s health.

It was reported that the areas worst affected by these toxins were the outside of nightclubs and dance halls in the district.

The establishments along Arequipa Avenue are especially polluted, said the mayor.

In the district of Jesus Maria, where fines have already been placed on several citizens, a gardener and a school teacher were fined170 soles for urinating in a park.


In an effort to further rid Lima’s streets of chaos, 15 police units in the district of Ventanilla arrested over one hundred people drinking in the street over the weekend.

It was also reported that twenty gang members selling illegal drugs and adulterated alcohol were taken into custody.