Peru: Congressional commission to open investigation on Lima mayor

Living in Peru
Israel J. Ruiz

The mayor of Lima, Luis Castañeda appears to be calm and collective amidst increasing controversy surrounding him.

Aside from being blamed for the chaos on Lima’s streets by congressional representatives, the Limean mayor continues to witness as his approval rate slowly declines.

Added to this is the recent announcement that a group of citizens has officially begun the paperwork to remove him and over two dozen of his staff from office.

A press conference given by the municipality on Monday, in which it was announced that a highway project would be postponed and that more funds had been approved, did not help the situation.

Now, José Maslucán, head of the Congressional Transport Commission has stated he will request that a commission be organized to investigate Luis Castañeda, his office and staff if the mayor does not attend a congressional review on October 7.

According to Maslucán, the head of the Municipality of Lima has refused to provide information on a series of projects that have allegedly been overpriced.

Maslucán affirmed that the main project in question was El Metropolitano highway, a project that includes Lima’s underground bus station, which according to the head of the transport commission was budgeted to cost 63 million soles and ended up costing 108 million.

Another main issue is the announcement recently made to postpone the construction of 30 percent of a highway that is to be used by natural gas buses.