Flights from Iquitos, Peru to Miami & boarding passes on cellular phones – Travel Update

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Israel J. Ruiz

Air France introduces new boarding passes

For a series of specific flights, Air France is now using electronic boarding passes that can be displayed on cellular phone screens. With the new electronic pass, passengers can board planes with just their cellular phone and some type of personal identification. No other paperwork is needed. After registering on the company’s website, a bar code is sent to the passenger’s cellular phone, which is then used to board the plane.

Visas not needed to travel to Israel

Peru’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Embassy of Israel have signed an agreement to eliminate the use of visas, thus; Peruvians no longer need a visa to travel to Israel. The measure has been taken to increase tourism between the two nations.

Flights from Iquitos to Miami

Yvan Vásquez Valera, the governor of Loreto announced that LAN Airline Company was willing to consider the possibility of opening flights from Miami to Iquitos. Vásquez affirmed the regional government was evaluating the idea and was willing to help LAN begin these flights. It has been 18 years since there have been direct flights between the United States and Iquitos.