Peru: Lima attempts to finish roadwork before APEC leaders summit

Living in Peru
Israel J. Ruiz

People living in Lima find it hard to believe that the government will soon finish the reconstruction of streets in twenty-nine of the region’s districts.

Motorists and pedestrians, who have had to deal with the simultaneous closing of dozens of streets throughout all of Lima, are skeptical when told construction will end soon.

Despite the disbelief, it seems that this may be true. With the APEC leaders summit starting in mid November, municipalities have approximately one month to finish fixing up their streets.

This time frame may not be enough for districts such as Barranco, Lince and San Miguel, however.

In Barranco’s case, the head of the district’s development projects, Alfred Silva explained that reconstruction began late because of the construction of a new highway being built by the Municipality of Lima.

Silva affirmed that if the two municipalities had worked at the same time, access to the district would have been cut off. Barranco authorities had planned to repave fourteen roads.

The district of Lince, which began some projects just two weeks ago, reported the same type of problem.

Authorities stated they were waiting for parts of Arequipa Avenue to be completed before beginning their projects, stating if they had worked at the same time more traffic would have been created.

Districts such as La Victoria, Jesus Maria and Pueblo Libre have announced that construction work will begin taking place in the evening as well as during the day to finish in time.

The district of Magdalena, the first district to finish roadwork, completed construction in June. Furthermore, it was reported that Arequipa, Petit Thouars and Javier Prado avenues would be finished by the end of October.

The Peruvian government has given municipalities 100 million soles to revamp their roads for APEC.