Congress approves to reduce their budget for the 2006


After all the critics that the congress received regarding the high budget that they approved for themselves, the congress decided Thursday afternoon to change their budget again.

With 58 votes in favour, one against and 4 abstentions, the congress approved to cancel the payment of S/.16,000 soles for the legislators who won’t be elected for the next period and to reduce in 50% the payment of S/.50,000 soles for CTS (compensation for service time)

According to the congress president, Macial Ayaipoma, the elimination of the payment of S/.16.000 soles and the reduction of the CTS (50 thousand suns) implies a "readjustment" in the budget of the Congress for the next year.

The spokesman of Unidad Nacional party, Hildebrando Tapia, recognized that the amounts that originally were approved were "excessive", and informed that a congressmen no longer will receive S/.50.000 soles for CTS, but “only” S/.25,000 soles instead.

Also, Labor minister and congressman from the Peru Posible party, Carlos Almerí, said that in July 2006 congressmen will no longer receive S/.118,000 soles, as original approved, but of S/.77,000 soles.



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