Peru: New highway to run natural gas buses through downtown Lima

Living in Peru
Israel J. Ruiz

Amidst scandals and accusations of corruption, the Municipality of Lima continues to build "El Metropolitano", a highway that is to join the district of Chorrillos with the district of Comas.

The new highway, which includes an underground bus station with a shopping center, is to have natural gas buses running from the southern to the northern end of metropolitan Lima.

One of the strips currently being worked on, which has caused a great deal of trouble for motorists, is the stretch that runs through downtown Lima.

With traffic that is already considered chaotic, the construction of this strip of highway has made matters worse.

Approximately three months after construction of this piece of "El Metropolitano" began, Engineer Walter Paredes, head of projects and infrastructure at Pro Transporte, announced 20 percent of the road had been completed.

He affirmed there had not been delays and that construction was progressing as scheduled.

"We’ve estimated that construction work will take ten months," said Paredes, explaining that this stretch of highway should be ready in March 2009.

Construction work began on July 14 between the 9th and 12th blocks of Lampa Street in downtown Lima.

Work has now advanced to Alfonso Ugarte, Emancipación and España avenues.