Peru is an attractive market for English investors

Although the current global financial situation causes concern among many business people, there are those who look for good opportunities to invest their capital in attractive markets such as Peru, said today English company Baker Tilly member, John Warner.

Warner pointed out that the international crisis could be seen in a good and bad way.

London sees Latin American markets as a viable choice to establish and invest in enterprises with a sustainable level of growth, a fact which is not seen in markets where they used to pour their capitals.

Regarding Peru, the low impact of the international crisis on its economy is regarded a positive sign and shows there are good business opportunities to explore.

English investors have eyed in Peru very interesting opportunities because it is one of the fastest emerging economies in the world.

There are no priorities for any special sector. There are oil and mining companies that have expressed their interest in Peru, given its attractive investment conditions.

In addition, he mentioned that Brazil, Chile and Mexico enjoy the same financial stability which makes them interesting target markets for growing and profitable companies.