New bills of 100 soles will begin to circulate today


The Banco Central de Reserva BCR (Peru`s Central bank of Reserve) informed that as of Tuesday November 29, a new 100 soles bills will begin to circulate and has three new elements of security to make them harder to copy.

The elements are;

1.- Iridescent band: located in the left side of the character in the bill has the particularity to shine changing of tonality when inclining the bill and it is then possible to read: "BCRP 100".

2.- Security thread: some sectors of the thread are observed in the surface of the bill. When inclining the bill, these sectors have holographic characteristics that reproduce the text "PERU" and the shape of the Peruvian map. Additionally, with back light it is possible to read: "PERU 100"

3.- A special ink that changes its colour from magenta to green-gold in the numbers located underneath the national shield has been used.



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