Peru to lead South America in exportation of trout

Living in Peru
Israel J. Ruiz

During CADE, a national business executives meeting held annually, Federico Salas, governor of Huancavelica affirmed that this Peruvian highland region would soon lead the country in the exportation of fish.

Salas explained that a new processing plant was being established in the region and that it would help make Peru the leading trout-exportation country in South America.

"A large trout-processing plant is being established; this will make Peru the country in South America that exports the largest quantity of trout," said the governor, affirming this was thanks to the work being done in his region.

He explained that this and other projects would give citizens in Huancavelica more opportunities to make their way out of poverty.

When asked about the narco-terrorists in the region, Governor Salas assured that the region and the central government were working on projects to increase safety and generate more investments.