91 percent of Peru companies to continue investing

Living in Peru
Israel J. Ruiz

Even though a global financial crisis has many investors planning and rethinking projects, 91 percent of companies in Peru have affirmed they will continue investing in the Andean country.

According to a business investment report released by the University of Lima, 91.1 percent of almost 150 companies in Peru confirmed they would continue investing in the country.

From October 3 to 22, the study interviewed the presidents of 146 companies, the majority of which affirmed they would keep betting on Peru.

The study also showed that over 92 percent of these investors did not trust the country’s Judicial System but said this did not affect their business decisions.

Other results showed that 70.5 percent of those interviewed felt it was very important to develop regions outside of Lima. This was despite the fact that 84.9 percent of investors said they did not trust regional governments.

It was also revealed that while 69.9 percent of the company presidents did not trust municipal authorities, 82 percent said they trusted the country’s Minister of Finance, Luis Valdivieso.

It was reported that 17.1 percent of the investors interviewed said Peru’s economy would be better in 2009, while 63 percent said it would remain the same.