More evidence against Alberto Fujimori


Last week, the supreme public prosecutor Cecilia Hinojosa Cubas asked Norbank about all the financial information on accounts, transferences, savings, deposits and whichever movement of money was found in the name of the ex-President and any member of his family between 1990 and 2000.
The Norbank (which does not exist in Peru anymore) is the bank where many Japanese donations were sent through Peru´s Ambassador in Tokyo, Victor Aritomi. The amount of the donations was over US$ 20 million and the ambassador’s wife Rosa Fujimori (Fujimori´s sister) administrated the donations. The Public Prosecutor’s Office reported that at least US$ 4.5 million were turned aside to accounts of Aritomi and Rosa Fujimori, their children (Yayoi and Gledy) and Mutsue Inomoto de Fujimori, the mother of the ex- president.
According to the information sent to the supreme public prosecutor Cecilia Hinojosa, Norbank has identified numerous deposits of Japanese donations to accounts in the Bank of Tokyo (BOT), which were retired by Rosa Fujimori in Lima and turned into deposits under the name of her mother and family. The registries indicate that when Rosa Fujimori received the donations, she retired an important amount from the Norbank office in Lima, which was an agency correspondent of the Bank of Tokyo in Peru.
The money flow was done between 1995 and 1998, when Fujimoris mother was between 83 and 86 years, she could not have carried out this initiative by her own, which means that they used her as “front woman” to cover up and control part of the donations. Neither Víctor Aritomi nor Rosa Fujimori have been able explain to the Peruvian justice the origin of the money they had at Norbank.
Since year 2000 both live in Tokyo and Japan has already rejected an order of extradition of Víctor Aritomi. Rosa Fujimori has also a detention order pending.



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