Nearly 500 wild animals seized in downtown Lima

Living in Peru
Jobana Soto

Peruvian officials raided an old building in downtown Lima where 478 wild animals were held in unsanitary conditions without food and water. Officials believe the animals were being held to be sold in the black market.

Among the animals confiscated were 434 canary-winged parakeets, seven yellow-footed tortoises, four monkeys, a blue-and-yellow macaw, 17 black-headed parrots, four red-fronted parrots, five white-eyed parakeets, four grey-cheeked parakeets and a green parakeet.

Peru’s National Institute of Natural Resources (INRENA), the municipality of Lima, the national police and Office for Environmental Issues all took part in the raid.

According to Andina news agency, the sale of wild animals is prohibited under Peruvian law despite local merchants in Lima’s downtown continuing in the sale of monkeys, macaws, parrots, parakeets, turtles, frogs and fish.