Lima districts to tackle fireworks misuse in Christmas season

Authorities in the Limean districts of Lince, La Perla and Pueblo Libre said they will take tougher control measures to prevent the sale, manufacture and storage of fireworks because of the danger that people might get burned, injured or even killed when lighting them.

The mayor of Lince, Martin Príncipe, said that throughout the year, but especially in the Christmas season, local authorities carry out raids in various markets to prevent the sale of dangerous objects, including fireworks.
He added that this year it is completely prohibited the installation of fairs selling any kind of fireworks, even those considered ‘harmless’ as the sparklers or small firecrackers.

In the last weeks, police agents have intensified inspections on popular shopping areas in downtown Lima such as El Hueco, Mercado Central and Las Malvinas.

The sale of illegal fireworks and their storage in unfit areas was the cause of a fire that killed approximately 300 people in Mesa Redonda market (located in historic downtown Lima) in 2001.

Propelled by exploding fireworks at dozens of sidewalk stands jammed together, a wall of fire raced across four blocks, trapping holiday shoppers and street vendors who had crowded the narrow streets lined with shops and aging apartment buildings.