Peru, Chile companies to launch $160 million project in Lima beach

Peruvian construction group Musiris and Chilean businessman Fernando Fischmann, owner of Crystal Lagoons Corporation, reached an agreement to launch a US$ 160-million real estate project in Asia beach resort in southern Lima.

This project is aimed at people with high purchasing power and includes the construction of 550 residential units comprising luxury houses, apartments and an artificial lagoon.

Fernando Fischmann is a renowned Chilean businessman who leapt to fame after winning a Guinness World Record for his artificial lagoon project of San Alfonso del Mar, considered one of the world’s largest pools. The pool is 1013 metres (3,324 feet) long and covers an area of 8 hectares (19.77 acres).

This architectural and technology concept, called "Crystal Lagoons", enables to maintain the water quality and clarity at a low cost. The new method uses 1/100 the amount of chemical required to treat water using the traditional methods.

The San Alfonso del Mar swimming pool was completed in December 2006 using a new technology in water treatment, filtration and chlorination.

The water is pumped in from the Pacific Ocean and treated before being pumped into the pool. The water temperature is kept at 26°C. It is 9°C warmer than the ocean, allowing it to be used on cold days.