More than 40% of Lima residents feel unsafe

Living in Peru
Jobana Soto

In a recent survey conducted by the Universidad de Lima, 40.8 percent of people living in Lima and Callao say they do not feel safe. In addition, 54.1 percent feel there isn’t enough security patrolling the streets.

Crime and poverty has been an ongoing issue in Lima and this survey shows the number of residents who mistrust security force in Lima. Of the 139 people who said they were victims of robbery, nearly 64 percent said they did not report the crime to the police because they feel the system doesn’t work.

The survey also revealed that 75.8 percent feel crimes have risen, 40.8 percent feel gangs are the most serious concerns, of the 29.7 percent who were victims of robbery 74.8 percent were out on the street and 25.2 percent in their homes.

In regards to protection by the police force, 58.7 percent feel the police force is doing a normal job while 29.9 percent feel they are doing a bad job. The rest, at 10.7 percent, feel the police force is doing a great job.

The private security force, Serenazgo, have better ratings among Lima and Callao residents. 46.8 percent feel that the Serenazgo are doing a much better job than the Peruvian police force compared to the 32.9 percent who feel the police force is doing its job.

Only 4.5 percent say they feel safe in the capital.

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