Peru appoints new army chief, replaces Donayre

Living in Peru
Jobana Soto

Today marks the end of General Edwin Donayre as Peru’s army chief, who retires today from his position after two years. Replacing him is General Otto Guibovich Arteaga, appointed today by the government and approved by President Alan García and Defense Minister Antero Flores-Aráoz Esparza.

Hopefully, Arteaga will be more cautious with his words than Donayre, who drove tensions between Peru and Chile in a speech he made months ago about Chileans.

The general’s remarks were aired on November 24 on Peruvian TV, and provoked bitterness amongst Chileans, causing violent reactions against Peruvians living in the neighboring country.

Donayre has yet to take back his remarks though he sent a letter apologizing for the remarks that were taken out of context. As punishment, the Chilean government was seeking Donayre’s resignation but García refused to notion such an act, saying that Peru did not accept any orders or pressure from a foreign country.