Around 700 construction projects in Peru ready to be executed

Some 700 housing construction projects registered at Mivivienda Fund (Housing Promotion Mortgage Fund) are ready to be executed, the Peruvian minister of Housing, Construction, and Sanitation, Nidia Vílchez, reported.

She added that other 200 projects are expected to be evaluated and registered in this fund.

Vílchez indicated that this greater private investment in the building of houses, that seeks to be benefited with resources managed by this fund, is a result of the new construction boost within the frame of the anti-crisis plan.

Therefore, she said that her portfolio is basically trying to create confidence in the private sector, considering that the government has expectations in the construction sector.

“For instance, we had programmed for next year a moderate investment of 20,000 new houses, and specially for the sectors C and D. However, with this new boost (of construction in the anti-crisis plan frame) we generate greater investment in the private sector”, she said to a local radio.

In this context, the minister announced that she will promote a meeting with all construction’s entrepreneurs, to give them confidence and speed up the registration of their projects “but also to tell them that we want in-country construction with materials of the zone”.