Brit man found not guilty of drug charges

Living in Peru
Jobana Soto

After two years forced to live in Peru under suspicion of drug smuggling, British citizen Simon Burke can now go home a free man and spend the holiday season with his family. 

“I feel absolutely delighted,” he told reporters on reuniting with his father back in Britain.

In June 2007, Burke, 37, was arrested with his former girlfriend, Sarah Jackson, 39, for allegedly smuggling 10kg of cocaine out of Jorge Chavez International Airport. The drugs where found in Jackson’s bag according to police officials.

The two were jailed but Jackson insisted on Burke’s innocence and was then released with his passport revoked. Burke spent the last two years living with a local family until he was proven not guilty.

BBC News did a special report on Burke’s revisit to the prison where he was once held. Click here to see the video.