Group Agua Bella to promote the sale of Peruvian potatoes

Living in Peru
Jobana Soto

Technocumbia group Agua Bella have their hearts set on promoting one of Peru’s most important exports, the potato. Along with the sexy cumbia singers, Sonia Morales and Manolito y su Trabuco will join the girls to attend the International Year of the Potato (AIP in its Spanish acronyms) celebration this Sunday, December 14 at Huáscar Park in Villa El Salvador.

Working together with AIP, the Ministry of Agriculture is promoting the image and sale of Peruvian potatoes, listing its good qualities such as its nutritional value. Sunday’s event will urge all Peruvians to support their local vendor and agricultural workers by consuming more of their products.

During the show, artists will perform their most popular hits, complete with singing and dancing, ranging from cumbia, salsa to folkloric music. A photo exhibition will also be presented to boost possible investment opportunities for local vendors and producers. 

Singers of the group Agua Bella have asked that many support low-income agricultural workers and attend the event on December 14. Katy Jara, one of the singers, told reporters that her favorite potato dish is papa a la huancaína.

Certain potato dishes will be served during the party such as causa rellena.