Peru: Police on high alert for New Year’s partying

Living in Peru
Jobana Soto

Time to bring out the police brigade this holiday season as officials predict a peak in crime rates by crooks eager to take advantage of money-spending city folk who tend to let their guard down during Christmas and New Year’s. 

The National Police of Peru (PNP in its Spanish acronyms) are ordered to be on high alert during and after the holiday season to ensure the safety of its citizens. Director of Police Operations, General Julio Vergara Herrera, says the purpose of its nation-wide plan – “Christmas 2008 – New Year’s 2009” – is to uphold the integrity of the law, its people, private property and the development of commercial business during this time of year.

More than 90 thousand top-level police officers will secure the streets until January 6 next year. The new security measures will likely scare off suspecting crooks thinking about a looting spree this season.

“Before the increased crime rates in the last 10 years during Christmas and New Year’s, the police have premeditated a plan that will mobilize all its troops and operating units prepared to fight,” General Herrera said.

Herrera explained that prevention of crime is the goal. “The city’s security is not only the job of the national police, but of all the people who take precautions to not be a victim of crime,” he concluded.

In other news, national director of the PNP, Mauro Remicio, confirmed there will be changes made to the force so they can effectively combat against organized crime. These changes will be announced in January next year.