Guinea pigs the healthier option this Christmas season

Living in Peru
Jobana Soto

If you’re thinking of cooking something different this holiday season why not go the more traditional route in Peruvian cuisine, the guinea pig.

 Healthier, cheaper and cuter than the other alternative, the guinea pigs are slowly becoming a more popular treat during the Christmas and New Year’s festivities. Though turkeys dominate sales, some Peruvians are glad to know there are other “economical options” as Callao official Mario Sanguinity describes.

Sanguinity claims guinea pigs can feed around seven to eight people for the price of US$3.20, definitely a steep rate compared to the average US$25 spent on a decent sized turkey.

In Callao Monday, officials presented eight cooked guinea pigs, each seasoned in traditional form  from Peru’s eight different regions, to promote the animal’s delicious flavor. Disturbingly enough, one live guinea pig was forced to dressed as Santa Claus and stand next to eight of his fried little buddies.

Callao resident Silvia Carazas will be one of those people making the switch from turkey to cuy. “The animal is rich in protein and has zero cholesterol as well, very important for those of us looking to watch our weight.”