Lima Mayor rejects President García’s Costa Verde project

Living in Peru
Jobana Soto

As soon as President Alan García Pérez announced his plan to invest S/.25 million Peruvian soles to revamp Lima’s coast, city mayor Luis Castañeda Lossio was quick to shoot it down.

Castañeda finds it odd that García plans to invest so much money in the coast, managed by the Authority of the Costa Verde Project (APCV in its Spanish acronyms), a program which he has criticized in the past for getting little done.

The mayor feels the new investment would benefit only a few districts while excluding the rest from the S/.25 million. According to Castañeda, a law is already in motion to start rebuilding certain areas of the coast in 2010 under the authority of the APCV.

A major focus will spotlight on protecting Lima’s natural sites including cliffs that form alongside the coast. Castañeda and Miraflores Mayor Manuel Masías called up a press conference yesterday after hearing García’s Plan Costa Verde project to make it clear not all mayors are supportive of this decision. Masías has an interest in this act since Plan Costa Verde involves his jurisdiction.

Castañeda and Masías both took the time to announce a few new projects to begin development in Miraflores starting next year. More work will be done in municipal parks like Los Delfines, Redondo, Tres Picos-Pampilla and the construction of a new Greek-styled amphitheater with a view of the sea.

In addition, 10 sports clubs will be constructed near the bay and stairs for pedestrians. 

For a visual idea of what’s in store for Miraflores’ coast visit El Comercio.