Heighten security to contain the sale of illegal fireworks

Living in Peru
Jobana Soto

People looking to celebrate Christmas with a little bang this year may actually get their wish. While city authorities are doing everything in their power to stop the selling and buying of illegal fireworks, they admit not every sale can be stopped.

So in an effort to decrease the amount of interest of fireworks this Christmas season, the General Direction of Security Services Control, Control of Weapons, Munitions and Explosives of Civil Use (DICSCAMEC in its Spanish acronyms), head director Colonel Ricardo Ganiku is issuing an alert on the damaging effects of fireworks. Of all the pyrotechnics that exist in the country, Ganiku stressed that the most dangerous is called Huanuqueño, the second being Mama Rata.

Huanuqueño is considered to have five times more explosive power than the average firework and is enough to make Ganiku shocked to see it selling in the black market. The explosive was recently found in October according to Ganiku.

The risks of fireworks can cause permanent bodily damage, even fatal in certain cases. In regards to Huanuqueño or the Mama Rata, those explosives can cause serious wounds like the loss of fingers or other bodily parts, burns, blindness, even death. 

With the collective work of the Peruvian police department and the DICSCAMEC, 75 percent of all firework sales have gone down according to Ganiku.