Peru gains EU€21 million in environmental aid

Living in Peru
Jobana Soto

Environmental Minister Antonio Brack has done it. After meeting with officials from the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Germany, Poland and Finland during the United Nations Climate Change Conference in PoznaÅ„ that ended last Saturday, Brack has announced that each country has promised to contribute a collective total of EU€21 million (US$29 million) to aid Peru in preserving its natural environment.

As we reported last week, the environmental minister has embarked on a European tour to gain financial support from countries willing to help Peru in its environmental protection plans within the country. His European visit, which ends today, has allowed Brack to meet with more than 50 officials involved with environmental conservation, who were all eager to address their interest in working with Peru on environmental issues.

“I think that in the coming years, Peru can easily get around 30 million euros to conserve forests, monitor climate change, biodiversity and build information centers,” Brack told reporters.

The money donated by the five European countries will be used to conserve national parks and aid in the technical advances for the National Service of Meteorology and Hydrology of Peru (SENAMHI in its Spanish acronyms).

In addition, Peruvian officials have asked the United Nations for permission to host its upcoming conference Climate Change Conference 2010, which would involve hosting 12,000 environmental experts and ministers from 140 countries.