Evo Morales gives Barack Obama an ‘ultimatum’ to lift the ban on Cuba

© REUTERS/Gaston Brito
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Jobana Soto

Today in Brazil, Bolivian President Evo Morales urged all Latin American and Caribbean countries to band together to protest the trade ban against Cuba by the United States.

“If they don’t lift it [Cuba’s embargo], we will lift their ambassadors,” said Morales. He added that Latin American countries should stop all selling and trading with the U.S. to show the country they mean business.

In the last few months, Bolivia and the U.S. have strained their relationship, with the latest public scandal involving the U.S. canceling Bolivia’s trade benefits for not properly fighting against the war on drugs. 

Morales believes giving the future U.S. president Barack Obama an “ultimatum” could bring Cuba one step closer to having their embargo lifted. While the Bolivian President admitted that the likeliness of his plan is nearly impossible, it sure is fun to dream if you’re Morales.