Peru: Job cuts reach 60,000 in third quarter

Living in Peru
Jobana Soto

Is President Alan García Perez loosing touch with the country’s financial reality? Some unemployed citizens seem to think so. While García keeps preaching of economic booms and stimulus plans, many of Peru’s working class is gripping with the negative effects of the economy.

García reportedly questioned the latest findings by the National Society of Industries (SNI, in its Spanish acronyms) claiming that 60 thousand workers have lost their jobs mainly in the textile, mining and farming industries.

“I would like to know which companies have laid off people because revealing these figures can create an unnecessary alarming reaction,” said García.

Prime Minister Yehude Simon also sided with president García, adding that the numbers provided by the SNI are exaggerated and untrue. Simon did recognize that there will be some job cuts because of the global recession but nothing to the extent of what SNI reported.

SNI president Eduardo Farah stood by his company’s findings, reiterating that 60 thousand Peruvians have lost their jobs this year. Farah believes the timing of layoffs coincides with the effects of the financial crisis.

While Farah believes “it’s good to maintain a sense of calm” during these difficult and uncertain times, it doesn’t give García a pass to lie and veil the public from the realities of troubling times.