Peruvians less likely to spend more on gifts this Christmas

Living in Peru
Jobana Soto

This year, Peruvians are spending around the same or less for this season’s holiday shopping spree. A recent survey by the Universidad de Lima shows that 81.1 percent of Lima and Callao residents plan to spend less money compared to the number of sales generated last year.

Only 42.7 percent will keep their spending habits roughly the same while 38.4 percent of Peruvians say they will reduce Christmas shopping costs by 38.4 percent. While many Peruvians are spending more or less the same as in 2007, it is still higher than spending habits back in 2005 and 2006 when only 32 percent of Peruvians living in Lima and Callao reduced their spending habits.

This season, 88 percent will be celebrating this week’s Christmas festivities while 11 percent say they don’t celebrate nor believe in the celebration of Christmas.

The holiday blues won’t be disturbing many Peruvians this year as only 13.2 percent feel depressed during the holidays, while the majority get into the festive spirit at 75 percent. Around 96 percent said they will have some sort of celebration this year while 3 percent have nothing special planned.

People who are traveling during Christmas is fairly low at 7.8 percent. Out of those traveling for Christmas this year, the most popular destinations are Junín (15.3 percent), Piura (14.3 percent), Cusco (10.6 percent) and La Libertad (7 percent).