Alternative traffic routes stirs trouble in Miraflores

Living in Peru
Jobana Soto

For the residents living in Miraflores, many are split on the new traffic changes that will take effect this Monday to increase the flow of traffic on major road ways. Beginning early next week, “combis” will be given alternative routes to decrease the flow of traffic on the highly congested avenues of Larco, Pardo, Benavides and Diagonal.

Alternative routes will place some 500 public transportation vehicles on avenues Dos de Mayo, Enrique Palacios, Roosevelt, Andrés Avelino Cáceres and Ricardo Palma according to Miraflores government officials.

But these changes are causing some residents living in Miraflores to criticize the new roads that will open up to public transportation buses, particularly those who live on or near the newly assigned roads.

Sol de Mendoza, who lives off Dos de Mayo, questions the decision as he believes the traffic will bring more pollution, noise and chaotic driving near his home. On the other hand, Antonio Moy, who lives off block 7 on Pardo told El Comercio he is happy with the decision as it will bring less congestion by his home. This is a situation where some residents win and some lose.

Officials say they will determine whether or not to keep the new traffic routes after the New Year’s holiday, when regular work day schedules are back to normal.