Virgin Mary gives birth to Jesus in Peru

Living in Peru
Jobana Soto

What a coincidence the holiday brings. On Christmas day, Virgin Mary, a 20-year-old Peruvian woman, gave birth to a baby boy named Jesus according to local media. The baby’s father, Adolfo Jorge Huamani, 24, is a carpenter. Already, many locals compared the father to the carpenter Joseph. Reason being? Just because apparently.

"A few days ago we had decided to name my son after a professional soccer player," the father told Reuters news agency. "But thanks to a happy coincidence this is how things ended up."

Local religious Peruvians like to compare Huamani to Joseph , Mary’s husband in the bible.

The  baby was born 7.7 pounds (3.5 kg) as Jesus Emanuel during the early hours of Christmas day at the central maternity hospital in Lima, according to Reuters.

For this Christmas season, a happy coincidence made this holiday worth remembering.