Peru: Limeans start buying yellow garments for New Year’s Eve

Get out you’re lucky pair of under garments because this New Year’s celebration thousand  have thousands of Peruvians wait for the clock to strike midnight.

As part of their traditions to celebrate New Year’s Eve, hundreds of Limeans began today to buy yellow clothes, mainly underwear for all ages and tastes, expecting that the use of these pieces allow them to have good fortune during the next year.

A few days to welcome 2009, sellers from the Gamarra emporium, in La Victoria, have started even the sale of yellow slim belts to be worn during December 31st evening.

In the block 5 of America street, in Gamarra, people can find a great quantity of yellow underwear designs for children, youth and adults, which prices vary between 10 and 20 soles (3.3 and 6.6 US dollars) per dozen.
In this street, many people have already been visiting the stores looking for their yellow garments, according to their size and taste.

New Source: Andina