US$41 thousand worth of jewelry stolen in Miraflores

Living in Peru
Jobana Soto

Last night, some unidentified robbers broke into a local jewelry store in Miraflores stealing US$41 thousand dollars worth. According to local police, the jewelry store was broken into through the skylight.

Robbers broke into the store Morinaga, located on Esperanza 251, and stole expensive valuables such as gold watches, jewelry and some merchandise belonging to the store’s clients. The valuables were kept in strong boxes which the robbers were able to break into.

According to store owner Ubaldo Mendoza, thousands of dollars worth of cash was also taken from the vicinity.

Mendoza spoke with RPP, Peru’s national radio news agency, about the robbery and urged all police and security forces to start patrolling the streets so more incidents like these do not occur.

He also added that there are nearly 20 jewelry stores in the area that don’t have proper security rounds during the night and no 24-hour surveillance cameras. Mendoza hopes the local police force will begin to guard stores like his to prevent further attacks.