U.S. lifeguards train local Peruvians life saving techniques

Living in Peru
Jobana Soto

This summer, the Peruvian chapter of Salvavidas International, a life guard organization, will team with Jacksonville Beach Lifeguards from Florida (U.S.) in training local Peruvians on how to be lifeguards.

Jacksonville Beach Lifeguards will demonstrate the proper techniques to save the lives of drowning victims. Classes are taking place at Playa El Silencio, right outside of Lima, with Salvavidas International and Lima City Police participating.

Also in attendance are students from the Olas Peru Surf School, who have been making improvised rescues out of necessity according to Salvavidas International.

The Jacksonville Beach Lifeguards will stay in Peru teaching lifeguard technique until mid-January.

To view more pictures of this training session, go to the official website of Salvavidas International.