Peru vehicle inspections most expensive in South America

Living in Peru
Israel Ruiz

As safety and emissions inspections get under way in Lima, customers are complaining the service provided by concessionaire Lidercon is lacking and the disorganization of the Spanish company in Peru has not improved.

Added to this heat is a recent report filed by the Peruvian Institute of Municipal Administration (IPAM) in which the organization points out that vehicle inspections in Lima are the most expensive in South America.

The report, which was filed on Tuesday, points out that with Lidercon’s recent increase in the cost of vehicle inspections (from $16 to $23.80) they are more expensive than in countries such as Chile ($14), Argentina ($19) and Ecuador ($20), said Marco Tulio Gutiérrez, head of IPAM.

In defense of Lidercon and their increase in prices, vice president of the company, Raúl Barrios (above) said, "Gutiérrez doesn’t mention how vehicle inspections in Chile are subsidized. Furthermore, in those countries the sales tax isn’t as high as it is here."

"If you want the price of safety inspections to drop then the Municipality of Lima should renounce its 11 percent profit," said Barrios.

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