Peru: Lindley & D’Onofrio launch Inca Kola ice cream

Living in Peru
Israel Ruiz

With the announcement of $50 million investments to be made this year, the Lindley Corporation has affirmed that the economic crisis will not keep if from expanding and even launching new products.

Aside from the construction of an Inca Kola and Coca-Cola bottling plant that is to be built in Trujillo, the corporation has announced the launch of Inca Kola ice cream.

After over nine months of negotiations and a $5 million investment, D’Onofrio ice cream company and Inca Kola have announced the launch of the new popsicle, which is to cost 1.20 soles.

Affirming there was no competition on the market in this flavor of ice cream, the two companies said they hoped the limited edition popsicle became the most popular this summer.

"Inca Kola ice cream is one of our innovations this summer. We wanted to surprise our consumers with this limited edition," said Christof Leuenberger, general manager of D’Onofrio.

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