Peru fuel prices to drop 2 soles this weekend

Living in Peru
Israel Ruiz

Even though an official announcement has not been made, Peruvian newspapers have affirmed that fuel prices will drop two soles this weekend.

This decrease in prices is to be greater than the 1.50-sol drop that took place on January 5 last year and the 1-sol reduction established in November.

Reports issued by Peru21 daily that prices would drop concord with statements made by Prime Minister Yehude Simon and the Minister of Energy, Pedro Sanchez, both of which affirmed fuel prices would be reduced in February 2009.

It was reported that undisclosed government sources stated that the council of ministers would decide on the price drop today and that the cost of fuel would be going down between Friday and Saturday.

Prices should decrease between at least four and five soles affirmed energy specialist Aurelio Ochoa, stating that international crude oil prices had gone between 25 and 30 percent.

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