Residents of Barranco organize rally to protest against traffic conditions and pollution


Living in Peru
Jobana Soto

“Traffic and contamination has taken over our streets!” is what many people living in Barranco are saying.

Certain changes in the area have upset some members of the community, mainly because of the rise in traffic and public transportation vehicles coming through areas like San Martin and Pedro de Osma.

Locals are scheduling a public protest at Parque Raymondi to make it known to the rest of the community of the problems that face Lima’s artisan district. Many of the problems deal with pollution, traffic congestion and neighborhood care. For some specific details, here’s a list of what those problems are:

The number of micros (combis) going through San Martin and Pedro de Osma have tripled

Many of the roads are filled with deep potholes, making it look like Avenida Lima and El Sol, which are badly maintained

The level of air pollution is high, making it difficult to breathe

The municipal has taken down all the trees in Bolognesi and failed to replant new ones

Bolognesi is now serving as a divider, separating the community in Barranco

The construction of Obra del Metropolitano still has another year and a half left before its completion

And the most important complaint of all, no one from the municipality has stepped forward to ask the community if these changes were alright

Organizers are calling upon any supporters to come to Parque Raymondi on February 4 at 6:00 p.m. to help "save Barranco."

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