Cusqueña Releases Beer made from Wheat


Backus brewery has released onto the Peruvian market their latest beer made from wheat: Cusqueña de Trigo – Limited Edition.

“Cusqueña manages once more to offer its customers the best with a new variety of limited edition Premium beer. It is meant for the palates of those looking to enjoy their free time but who at the same time know how to distinguish quality when they taste it”, said Alvaro Ramos, Worthmore Brand Director for Backus.

With the new sales campaign just beginning Cusqueña de Trigo will be available in traditional bodegas, supermarkets, convenience stores, liquor shops, restaurants and bars through out the capital as well as cities such as Arequipa, Tacna, Cusco, Piura, Trujillo, Chiclayo and Huancayo.

Cusquena de Trigo will be available in 330 ml and 620 ml sized bottles with the traditional Cusqueña logo, that of the twelve angled stone. Its price will range between S/.3 and S/.4.