Peru Organico concerned about Monsanto’s genetically engineered seeds

Living in Peru
Israel Ruiz

As Monsanto Company, a multinational agricultural biotechnology corporation begins to gain more and more support from Peruvian authorities, citizens and grass roots organizations are beginning to speak out and express their concern.

Peru Organico is one of these organizations that are extremely worried that the country’s citizens have no idea of what Monsanto is and what it could do to Peru’s organic products.

The organization has affirmed that the majority of Peruvians do not even have an idea of what transgenic seeds are and how serious their threat is if they are sold in the Andean country.

"Each one of us must protect our rich organic products against Monsanto," said Jorge Mora.

"This multinational is the largest in the genetic modification of seeds and not only wants to contaminate our agriculture but also patent Peru’s organic products."

According to Mora, Monsanto has gained the support of many, including the dean of Peru’s School of Biologists, Ernesto Bustamante.

Representatives from the multinational met with President Alan Garcia in 2007 and expressed interest in producing seeds in Peru.

The company has also carried out feasibility studies in Peru’s highlands.

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