Gloria milk criticized for making fun of Peru children

Living in Peru
Israel Ruiz

Campaigns being run by Peru’s Gloria company have caused some discomfort and upset among representatives in human rights organizations.

Affirming that three glasses of milk per day will help solve a typical problem in Peru – being short – the company has generated a couple of laughs along with some criticism.

Wilfredo Ardito, a representative at the Pro Human Rights Association- APRODEH, wrote a letter to Gloria expressing his concern over the campaign, which has been running for some time now and has several commercials.

In a letter written to the milk company, he states that the campaign makes fun of short Peruvian boys and does not take into consideration that a great deal of the population cannot afford to drink three glasses of milk per day.

Ardito also affirms that the campaign could seriously affect the self-esteem of many kids, who drink the milk hoping to be taller but don’t grow because of different reasons such as hereditary ones.

After requesting that the campaign be stopped, it seems Gloria may have paid attention.

According to a report on utero.pe, Gloria has decided to stop showing the commercial and take down its advertisements.

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