Peru motorists continue to mock vehicle safety inspections

Living in Peru
Israel Ruiz

Affirming that Peruvians continue to mock laws, El Comercio daily reported that motorists who wanted to pass vehicle safety inspections were renting equipment such as fire extinguishers and even seat belts.

Reporters confirmed they witnessed as street vendors rented everything from safety signals to first aid kits to public transportation bus drivers wanting to pass their safety inspection.

Within the next two weeks, all vehicles in Lima with a license plate ending in the number 0 will have had to have passed a safety inspection.

Despite this, Raul Barrios, the vice president of Lidercon – the company handling inspections – reported that only 10,000 of the 70,000 cars that needed to be inspected had gone to Lidercon sites.

Enrique Cornejo, the minister of transportation assured there would not be an extension in the time motorists had to have their vehicles inspected.

Beginning in March, police will begin making sure these vehicles have been inspected.

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