Peru doctors go on national strike

Living in Peru
Israel Ruiz

Organized by the union known as the Medical Federation of Peru, doctors across the country were called to take part in a nationwide, 48-hour strike beginning today, Tuesday. Among doctor’s main requests is an increase in wages.

As the head of the union, Julio Vargas (right), reprimanded Peru’s minister of economy for not wanting to approve funds for an increase in salaries, protests were held outside the Ministry of Health.

He stated the government did not consider health a priority and preferred to help large international drug companies that took advantage of people.

Vargas assured that strikes would be held across the country but would not affect emergency services at hospitals.

He stated doctors had chosen to strike because the government was not keeping promises made last year such as improving state hospitals, which in some cases did not have running water and the lack of medical equipment.

Oscar Ugarte, Peru’s health minister said there was no reason for the strike because doctors would be paid bonuses today.

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