Peru to take part in Mexico’s ‘Feria Internacional de Franquicias’

Living in Peru
Israel Ruiz

Nine Peruvian restaurants have been preparing for the past several months to show off their business models and variety of dishes in this year’s International Franchise Fair, which is to be held in Mexico from February 5-7.

As Peruvian gastronomy continues developing and gaining international recognition, there are an increasing number of markets interested in including these types of restaurants in their countries, said PromPeru, the country’s exportation promotion agency.

PromPeru explained that this was Mexico’s case, a country which has a variety of gastronomy and is willing to experiment with new cuisines.

It was reported that there are already 40,000 Peruvian restaurants in Mexico, a country which has mixed its native flavors with dishes from Europe, China, Africa and Japan.

The fact that Mexico’s franchise system is highly developed has made it easier for Peruvian businesses to spread across the country. Furthermore, Peruvian businesses, especially restaurants, have rapidly spread through Latin America and the United States, said PromPeru.

Fifty percent of Peru’s franchises are in Mexico, Chile, Panama and the United States. Companies such as La Mar, Segundo Muelle, Pardos Chicken, Rosatel, Las Canastas and Brujas de Cachiche are gaining recognition abroad.

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