Peru rivers highly contaminated

Living in Peru
Israel Ruiz

Over half of the rivers that have a high demand in Peru are contaminated, said a report released by Oxfam International, a confederation of thirteen organizations with the mission to bring about lasting change.

The confederation reported that tests showed these rivers were mainly polluted with lead, arsenic, cyanide, mercury, oil and grease from hydrocarbons as well as fecal coliforms.

Reports showed that the Mantaro River and the Yauli River in Junín along with the Chillón and the Rímac in Lima had very high levels of contamination.

Other rives that are highly polluted are the Chira, the Piura and the Llaucano, all of which are located in northern Peru. Rivers in Peru’s rainforest such as the Corrientes and the Trompeteros have also be seriously affected, reported Oxfam.

The study also showed that the country’s coastal cities, where 70 percent of the population lives, were faced with a lack of water to meet the demand generated.

It was reported that coastal cities only received 1.8 percent of the water from Peru’s rivers.

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