Lima to host Climate Change and Impacts on Indigenous Peoples Summit


From March 24 to 25, Lima will host the “Latin American Summit on Climate Change and Impacts on Indigenous Peoples", with the presence of indigenous leaders from the region.

Along with the problem of climate change, native leaders will address some other issues like "Progress on implementing the frame  agreements of UN and  Kyoto Protocol" or "Sustainable development and indigenous peoples" among many others.
Peru’s Environment Minister Antonio Brack has been invited to the inauguration of this Summit to lecture on " States and Responsibilities on the Impact of Climate Change in Megadiverse Countries".

Native leaders from various Latin American countries will attend this summit, such as Florinda López Miró, Coordinator of the Network of Indigenous Women on Biodiversity (Panama); Clemencia Herrera Nemerayema, an activist of Huitoto ethnic group (Colombia), and Javier Alexander Sánchez Reyes, Territorial Defender of Sicuani Indigenous People (Colombia).