Peru to increase export-oriented Hass avocado production


Peruvian agro-exporters will increase Hass avocado producing areas with the aim of boosting their exports to the U.S. market, Peru’s Exporters’ Association (Adex) reported today.

Camposol, the leading avocado export company in 2008, will increase the planted hectares from 1,200 ha in December 31, 2008 to 2,100 ha by the end of this year, announced its general manager Juan Jose Gallino. This fruit, exported in a single item "Fresh or dried avocados", reached exports worth 1’311,000 dollars, a number exceeding the 646,000 dollars obtained the same month last year.

According to Adex trade figures, last January avocado exports grew 103 percent compared to the same month in 2008. In January 2009, the Netherlands, which account for 72 percent of total exports, was the main destination market with 940,000 dollars, a 308 percent increase over the same month last year when exports amounted to 230,000 dollars.